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Ariel Stone
Volunteer Coordinator
(602) 689-3749 |

Ariel is an Arizona native, having grown up in downtown Phoenix. She recently graduated with a BS in Nonprofit Leadership and Management, and has always volunteered within nonprofits since a young age. She volunteered with Trees Matter while a freshman at ASU and is glad to come back as part of the team. Ariel values the importance of trees and other plants native to the desert southwest, and is particularly interested in ensuring that they thrive in a rapidly growing urban setting. While she’s excited to see how fast Phoenix has been growing both culturally and economically in recent years, she believes Trees Matter can have a great impact on making sure this growth happens in the most sustainable way possible. Ariel’s favorite tree is the Citrus sinensis because of its orange blossoms.

Jesse Westad
Remote Communications Assistant

Jesse is a Minnesota native, but after a couple enlistments in the Army found his way to Arizona where he immediately fell in love with the Sonoran Desert. Upon completion of his service, he attended ASU and graduated with a BS in Communication, a Minor in Sustainability, and a Master’s of Landscape Architecture. While in school he volunteered with Watershed Management Group, as well as finishing the Permaculture Design Certification and the Advanced Smartscape Irrigation Certification. Jesse believes in utilizing natural systems to decrease infrastructure costs while in turn boosting local flora and fauna on a site. His favorite tree is Red Push Chinese Pistache because it is a low water use tree, provides deep shade in the summer, and amazing color in the fall for that little bit of Midwest touch in his new found desert home.

Tree Program Manager
(602) 618-5529 |

Danielle was born in Arizona and after graduating from the University of Arizona with a BS in Criminal Justice, she became an Air Force Intelligence officer for four years and lived in England and South Korea. She then obtained a Master’s degree in International Diplomacy while living in Queensland, Australia. When she returned to the United States, she changed career paths and studied holistic nutrition and sustainable food systems and became interested in indigenous edible trees and food sources, which brought her to work for Trees Matter. When not giving away free trees or educating others about the importance of trees, Danielle’s developing recipes using Arizona native ingredients like Mesquite flour and Carob powder. Danielle’s favorite tree is the Salix babylonica, or Weeping Willow. 

Samantha Stone
Spring 2018 Events Intern

Samantha is from the southern suburbs of Chicago, and came out to Arizona for school. She is a second year environmental engineering student on ASU's Tempe campus. She has always had a nag for nature and wanted to spread education about preserving and nurturing it. She chose environmental engineering to dedicate her life to helping sustain this beautiful world we live in, using new technologies and systems to do just that! She is also part of a service organization called the Next Generation Service Corps at ASU that helps students who want to produce change in the community. Post-graduation, she plans to join the Peace Corps for two years, then hopefully join a nonprofit or service based company to get going on preserving the world. She is very excited to be apart of the team and hopes to learn more about the nonprofit and, of course, trees!

Aimee Esposito
Executive Director
(602) 689-2896 |

Aimee is a native Phoenician, growing up next to Piestewa Park. She has always had an appreciation for both the function and beauty of the desert environment. Aimee attended ASU where she learned the importance of bridging fields, receiving a BS in Geography and a BA in English Literature. Later Aimee ventured to Monterey, California where she spent two years earning a Master's degree in International Environmental Policy. Aimee learned a range of subjects from ecosystem valuations to grant writing and spent a summer in Peru to film for the Andean Alliance of Sustainable Development who helps provide easy to make green houses for indigenous communities and schools. She values the importance of direct impact, especially at a city level. Aimee’s favorite tree is the Prosopis juliflora, or the Native Mesquite.

Taylor Bakeman
Spring 2018 Events Intern

Taylor is a native and avid lover of the Phoenix area from Chandler, Arizona. She's currently in her third year studying Speech and Hearing Science at the ASU Tempe campus. Aside from schoolwork, she works as a Community Assistant in a residential college at ASU as well as interning as a student clinician to a Speech Language Pathologist. While she loves helping individuals with communication disorders, she is also extremely passionate about the environment and helping the Earth and larger populations through sustainable initiatives. This interest led her to Trees Matter, where she hopes to be able to make a positive impact in the Valley as part of the team. In her free time she likes to find new health food, unique places to eat, and actively seek out a good cup of tea. Taylor's favorite tree is the desert willow, for its soft blooms.

The Office

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Our office is on the NW corner of McKinley Street & 1st Avenue, just south of Roosevelt. We are in the south building of The McKinley Club. Feel free to ask around since we work in a co-sharing space, we all know each other. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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